Close up of winter plant branches.

Last weekend as Craig and I were laying on our roof (on my old foam Pilates mat) hanging over the edge, zip-tying lights onto eye hooks, neighbors (and great clients – haaay!) walked by and shouted up a hello. 

They commented on our hard work getting our house to look festive for the season. Jokingly – really not joking – I said this is why I pay people to do this for me. 

As fun as it is to be a DIY-er, which is at core who Craig and I both are, paying someone else to do the work is magical

Listen, we do love designing and creating. It brings us joy; it’s balm for our souls. It’s the fuel that got us started. But, I know it’s not everyone’s jam. So my fellow DIFY-ers. Do It For You folks we’ve got your back. 

Before we slide into 2021 (can . . . not . . . wait !), we still can and want to help you with your winter décor and lights. 

You know as well as I do that these next few months are going to be cold and gray with a few doses of sunshine. Add to it the lingering effects of COVID and we’ve all got plenty of reasons for a beautifully inspiring winter display and a house covered in lights (okay that’s our house, but we can brighten up yours too). 

Let me cue this up for you. I have been listening to a book recently and it’s overall theme is about transforming your body and feeling unstoppable. One of the key aspects that the author says affects us is how everything in our home is influencing us in some way.  Right!? I thought, is she speaking directly to me! 

If you’re walking up to dead summer annuals or a rotten pumpkin at your front door or if you’re looking out a window into your back yard that has a bare tree, then the perfect combination of greens and accents in a container and a tree covered in white lights (or colorful ones), is the solution! These changes will influence you in a positive way. 

The best part is . . . the only finger you need to lift to make this happen is the one to pick up the phone. We do all the work and you simply enjoy!

– Sara (an aspiring DIFY-er) J-S


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