Winter greenery display of fruits as a centerpiece.

If you’re looking to avoid the biggest mistake we see in winter container displays then all you need to do is read this.

Let’s just say team Topiarius is a bit more aware of this mistake around this time of year. We see winter container displays almost everywhere we go, and while we do not want to dismiss the efforts of others to engage in the festiveness of the season, we also know that we all have a growing edge(s).

Thus . . . the biggest mistake we see is when there is not enough material (a.k.a. evergreens, berries, branches, birch logs, and accents) for the size of the container.

It’s like having your house painted but there’s not enough paint to do the job so you water it down and give yourself a whitewash. The house has technically been painted, but the goal wasn’t accomplished.

Likewise, you can put some beautiful materials into a container, but if you don’t have enough . . . yes, it looks ridiculous. It’s a party fail, y’all. There, I finally just came out and said it. 

So, here are 3 options to solve this:

  1. Reduce the size of your container and keep the same amount of greens/décor you have. Even if it’s smaller overall, it will be magnificent because it’s packed full.
  2. Buy more greens and décor and don’t resize you container. Invest some more dollars into the display and you won’t be disappointed. 
  3. Edit your materials. For example, If you love red twig dogwood, then invest in it. You are going to need A LOT to make it look fabulous. Five twigs poking out of a mass of greens just doesn’t work; they are hard to see and it honestly screams novice. But, if you don’t want that expense, then ditch the idea all together! Seriously! Rather, buy multiple types of greens and mix them together for a festive and LUSH presentation. No one is going to even miss the dogwood.

Keep in mind that simplicity is not in this same category. You can have one beautiful boxwood shrub with some greens draped around the edge and it can look amazing. (Just make sure the boxwood and the container are in good proportions.)

To see what I’m talking about, download our 2021 Winter Color Inspiration Guide. There are 11 different designs that range in sizes and styles. Each one is a great example of how to have plenty of materials in a container for a professional display.

P.S. Have you signed your 2022 Fine Gardening Contract? Reach out to your sales person if you’d like to. I know that Chris Walsh and Tyler Klivickis are ready to connect.


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