Close up of a Christmas tree with blurred white lights.

If you’re ready to buy your Christmas tree, then I’ve got 5 very easy steps for you to know before you head out the door. 

And trust me, Craig and I just got our tree this past weekend and it’s a good thing we were armed with this knowledge. I was out of practice in purchasing a tree because we’ve been using the same artificial one for the past 14 years. (Time for some spicy change-up action! Ha!)

So, taking some of our own advice, I remembered to measure the space we have for the tree and to take our tape measure with us. I mean this saved us LOTS of time by not pulling and looking at each tree guessing whether it’d fit or not. We both knew the parameters and we were in and out lickety-split! Kind of a Christmas miracle.

May these 5 easy steps also make your time picking your perfect Christmas tree enjoyable and stress free!

‘Tis the Season,

Sara J-S


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Choose Your Perfect Christmas Tree

Close up of a Christmas tree with blurred white lights.


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