Close up of white cyclamen plant.

It made no sense to me. I was in charge of getting 5-8 senior highers to polish the donated box of Red (not) Delicious apples. They would then hand them out at the Christmas Eve service. No one I asked knew why this tradition had been continued for years.

Traditions can be amazing. Traditions can ground you. Traditions can remind you of who you are. Traditions throughout the year can provide you with an ebb and flow framework connecting you to friends and family.

But . . . when there is no identifiable meaning or reason they’re done or any kind of reflection upon continuing them, aren’t they just rote behaviors wasting time and money? Yes. Yes, they are.

In a year that’s made us all change (temporarily!! Go vaccines, go!) our holiday plans and traditions, we are looking for new ways to celebrate and decorate. We are looking for ways to not be boring and complacent!

(Listen. It may seem like a small “thing” or maybe not that important, but I thought those damn apples were a small thing until I suggested we shouldn’t hand them out anymore.)

So, if there is ONE holiday tradition worth exploring it’s the Red Poinsettia.

If you love them, GREAT.

If you buy them out of duty — fear not! There are some gorgeous alternatives. I strongly suggest you explore these three possibilities.

Cyclamen, Norfolk Pine, and herbs like Lavender or Rosemary.

Cyclamen come in multiple different colors, white, shades of pink and red. The blooms are gorgeous. They’re great for table tops because they’re much shorter than Poinsettias. I mean you can leave them on the table while you’re actually eating!

Norfolk Pine are an excellent evergreen that mimics the Christmas tree shape. In a lovely container, they can be placed on a mantle, shelf, or windowsill. Trees everywhere! Make your own forest display.

And using an herb plant, like Rosemary or Lavender (above), you know you’re adding to the overall ambiance with these great scents. They come in all sizes and shapes. Our favorite are the smaller topiary versions. The fresh scents of summer are magical, especially for us that experience winter.
I know you may be thinking, “I have to have my Poinsettia!”
We are happy to provide that for you.

But what why not try something else? I know we’re capable.

Our brains can make new connections. We can change our patterns. Our brains are malleable! Just like our nervous system, our brains have been proven to have the capability to adjust and change with new experiences.

When we turn off autopilot and try something new, we see differently. We have the ability to experience multiple songs at the top of the pop charts rather than a one-hit wonder.

We want you to try something new. Not for the sake of it being the latest and greatest trend. But, because living beautifully outdoors (and indoors) should be purposeful, vibrant, zestful and have joie de vivre! Bottom line it’s not boring!

So rather than continuing the Poinsettia tradition because it’s what you’ve always done, our “fruit basket upset” (a favorite childhood game) world is the prime time for your winter celebration to include Cyclamen, Norfolk Pine, and an herb plant like Rosemary or Lavender.

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(And, yes, we’re still delivering Poinsettias too! No judgment.)


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