Even Paula Poundstone Is Amazed By Our Seasonal Options


That, friends, is the easiest way to explain what we do when someone asks. But honestly, that answer is like telling someone you’re from Chicago when you live in Joliet.  

When those of us on Team Topiarius attempt to be more accurate with our responses and describe our service offerings, we get mixed responses. Folks are usually slightly disinterested (oftentimes because they have a cookie cutter idea of the industry) or completely intrigued. 

So imagine the scene several years ago when Chris Walsh, Topiarius’ Director of Michigan Operations, found himself at Paula Poundstone’s standup show on the North Shore.

In order to get a sketch underway, Paula prompted the audience to “Call out a profession!” Chris promptly yelled, “Seasonal rotation designer!” As you might imagine, Paula was intrigued.

(For maximum effect, imagine her voice and cadence as you read on.) 

“Huh? A what?” she replied into her microphone. 

“I create and sell seasonal rotations!” Chris called back. 

“Seasonal rotations?! What the hell are seasonal rotations?” asked Paula. 

“Plantings for spring, summer, fall, and winter,” Chris hollered, amid the laughter and confusion of Paula and others in the audience. 

“Wait . . . that’s a thing?!” 

“Of course! We want people to live beautifully outdoors!!!” Chris countered. 

Paula paused for a beat, pondered this new information, and continued on with the sketch. 

As the sketch wound down, the final bit was about her son, his need for a job, and the options that lay before him. Without missing a beat, Paula paused and said, “I guess he could always do seasonal rotations” and walked off the stage. Applause, lots of LOLs from the audience, and more applause! 

Yes, Paula, seasonal rotations are a real thing. In fact, we love creating seasonal rotations so much, we’ve been doing it for 21 years and counting. So whether you have a container at your front door, multiple containers throughout your landscape, or landscape beds at the entrance of your residential community, Topiarius will design and plant spring, summer, fall, and/or winter combinations that bring life and beauty to your home and community. 

As a matter of fact, spring installations begin in April, summer installations on or before May 15th, fall installations begin in September, and winter/holiday decor begins in November.

If you’re curious to know what we’re talking about, you can download our Spring Inspiration Guide as well as our Summer Inspiration Guide, and you can also view portfolios. I’m pretty sure even Paula would be impressed. 

P.S. Two weeks later Chris was recognized as the “Seasonal Rotations Guy” by another patron at a dim sum restaurant. Epic.



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