Design and installation of living spaces on rooftops & balconies.

Outdoor living in Chicago often requires vertical space, making rooftops a significant opportunity to create an “environment [that] produces health, beauty, joy, and comfort” (Rudolph Schindler). With years of experience, Topiarius has become experts in the design and installation of outdoor living spaces on rooftops and balconies in an urban environment.

Our passion is to blend form with function, comfort with aesthetic, inspiration and practicality, and innovation with quality. Our experienced designers, trained horticulturalists, and in-house construction crew possess the skills and knowledge needed to create stunning rooftops and balconies of all sizes and styles.


Our Rooftop Design services include:

Concrete Work (fire pits, countertops)

Container Sourcing


Furniture Sourcing

Green Roofs (intensive, extensive)


Outdoor Kitchens

Plantings (trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals)

Railing Selection

Rooftop Flooring (decking, pedestal systems)

Shade Structures

Turf Installation (living, artificial)

Water Features

Woodwork (fencing, decking, stairs, planters, pergolas, arbors, lattice, cabinetry, raised garden beds, sheds, kid’s play)


Design and installation of landscapes.

At Topiarius, we understand that your garden is an extension of your home—a place that gives comfort, and reflects your personality. But we also understand the practical side of things, and a flooding back yard or a dying tree needs to be addressed. We use industry-leading best practices to address such foundational issues from an environmentally-conscious perspective.

Our professional team of designers, horticulturalists, and in-house construction crew, have the knowledge and experience needed to provide you with innovative, top quality installations for gardens of all sizes and styles — be it a Chicago parkway or several acres of a Hinsdale or Kenilworth home. We have you covered.


Our Garden Design services include:

Concrete Work (fire pits, counter tops)

Container Sourcing

Drainage Correction


Furniture Sourcing


Plantings (trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals)

Outdoor Kitchens

Shade Structures

Stone Work (patios, retaining walls, fire pits)

Turf Installation (living, artificial)

Water Features

Woodwork (fencing, decking, stairs, planters, pergolas, arbors, lattice, cabinetry, raised garden beds, sheds, kid’s play)

Fine Gardening Services

Seasonal and Recurring Landscape Maintenance.

At Topiarius, our landscape maintenance program is called Fine Gardening Services, and the distinction is very important to us. We believe each garden has its own unique needs and distinct character, and it is our responsibility to provide the right kind of care to match.

Our team has the expertise needed to evaluate the landscaping requirements of a home or commercial property. We not only take the time to remove litter and mow, but we also hand pull weeds, dead head flowers, and evaluate plant health and determine corrective actions. Our signature care ensures that your landscape will look its best after each visit.

Our Fine Gardening services include:

Container Maintenance

Dormant Pruning

Drip Irrigation & Water Feature Care

Furniture Refinishing


Off-site Storage of Containers & Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Pest Management

Power Washing & Stain Removal of Steps & Walkways

Regularly-Scheduled Visits

Sealing Stone & Pavers

Set-Up & Take-Down of Shade Sales

Spring & Fall Seasonal Visits

Spring & Fall Fertilization

Turf Maintenance

Seasonal Rotations

Plant and Sculptural Interest for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

In Chicagoland, each season comes with its own special character and challenges. Topiarius celebrates each one with plants and designs unique to that season. All of our seasonal offerings are professionally designed and installed, and available to home owners and commercial properties alike. Whether your preference is traditional and formal or clean and modern, we will create the perfect design using the best plants and accents.

During the winter season, Topiarius offers both interior and exterior design and decorating services. Inside, we’ll set up your Christmas tree, hang your stockings, garlands, wreaths, and bows, along with creating custom pieces. Outside, we’ll install displays in containers and landscape beds, string lights on trees and shrubs, hang garland and wreaths with custom bows, and anything else we can dream.


Interior Floral

Regular rotations of plants and fresh-cut flowers.

Our floral service tends to your interior fresh cut floral and interior plant needs. We offer services for recurring rotations and one-time needs. We can also add more plants to an existing design, freshen up a layout and even source the perfect plant container.


Orchid rotations area a great solution for anyone interested in a 4-6 week rotation option. From bud to full bloom there is consistent interest. Also, they require minimal care making them perfect for anyone with a busy life-style.


Plant rotations are very similar to orchid rotations, but focus on foliage colors and textures. Depending on the specific plant, its location, and the care provided, rotations can last much longer than orchids.

Fresh-Cut rotations provide an endless array of styles, colors, textures, and sizes. Typically rotations need to occur weekly to maintain their freshness.

Mixture rotations combine all or some of our options into one display. These rotations are best for a 3-6 week rotation schedule.


Creating a unique display can often include accent pieces, such as a piece of drift wood or grapevine. A birdhouse may even make an appearance. Providing unexpected details allows us to utilize our creative ideas so that you have a statement piece.


When we are providing rotations, we prefer to have at lease two vases so we can pick up and drop off the floral displays with ease. We are happy to provide as many different styles as requested. If you’re looking for a plant container for that perfect spot, we can recommend and source some options.


Monthly contracts with varied payment options are available with a minimum of 4 rotations. One-time orders are also available with a 50% deposit and balance due upon invoicing.