So You Want To Build Out Your Rooftop?

Today’s Lesson: Why the gas stations in Florence, Italy taught me that you should have a rooftop checklist.

I love to travel. I especially love traveling in Italy. And this past September, Craig and spent the month in Florence. Our accommodations were such that having a car was a must. She was not a sexy ride, but she was brilliant.

And just when we thought we knew what the heck we were doing in a foreign land, the next twisty turny adventure awaited us. For us it was each and every gas station. The freakin’ gas stations. 

We did not know nor anticipate this to be of issue. We didn’t know some stations literally don’t have any people working there, or those that do have employees who only work certain hours. If employees were there, they could fill your car or we could fill the car. If we filled the car, there was only one payment kiosk for all the pumps (that more often than not were broken). Once at a working kiosk, before pumping the fuel, you had to punch in an anticipated euro/liter amount and pay with cash or credit card. Either way if you didn’t use the whole amount there would be no change. Thus, Craig and I robustly donated to many businesses as a result. 

By the time the month was up we had mastered the payment kiosks, but gosh, it would have been easier to have had a guide, especially around something so seemingly everyday/simple.

Roof Top Design and Build Out

So what must it be like when you, dear friend, want build out your rooftop?

If the construction process is new to you, then it truly will feel like traveling in a foreign land. While some of the adventure is entertaining and inspiring, the stuff that seemingly should be easy has a way of getting under your skin! 

Craig and I get this. Topiarius staff gets this. This is why we’ve created an 8-point checklist: to guide you through the steps it takes to have a luxurious oasis on your rooftop. 

We don’t want you to feel derailed by not having the direction/instruction/guidance for what it will entail. We want to empower you to make the best decisions possible using the most trusted contractor you know (ahem…that’s us!). 

We don’t want you to be stuck at the proverbial gas station, but rather, traveling happily down the road of progress to your final destination! Reach out to us today and we will gladly help you get started and through your rooftop project.

Ciao for now!

Download Your Checklist!

If you have any questions, email us! I promise you’ll hear from a real person. 

*Topiarius University is not an accredited institution of higher education or even a real department. It’s our incredibly artful way to signal that we’ve got some content we believe is worth learning. It’s the kind of info that makes you a more interesting human and, we hope, helps you to live more beautifully outdoors!



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