Top 5 Landscaping Questions of 2023 Answered

Class is back in session! No worries though . . . the subject matter isn’t too heady. Matter of fact, I’m answering some of our most common questions from this past year, so there may be a handy nugget in here that you’ve been wondering, too.

Is now a good time plant? Should I wait until spring?

If you have an irrigation system, then the answer is you can plant anytime you want. But, once your irrigation system is turned off, consider waiting until spring when your system is turned back on. Systems should be turned off BEFORE the first freeze (think bursting pipes if you don’t). And systems are turned back on in the spring after temperatures are consistently above freezing temps day AND night. This does not completely rule out planting after or before your system is turned off and on; it depends on your circumstance and what kind of plants are being planted.

Is there any plant material that I can plant now so that it will be filled in by next spring?

Look at it this way. All plants have a maximum height and width that they will grow. (How you know is by looking at its tag or Googling it). Then look at the plant you want to install; what is its current size? Every annual, perennial, shrub and tree vary from being “fast” growers to “slow” growers. So every plant is going to increase its height and width at different rates. As a rule of thumb, all perennials, shrubs, and trees basically need 1 full year to allow their roots to establish and get comfortable in their new home (aka your landscape) before they will begin to show increased height and width. This is also predicated on the fact that what you plant gets the proper watering. Here is a great example of how a landscape can fill in over a year (with the right TLC, of course):

Year 1
Year 2
Year 2

I can water . . . so do I have to have an irrigation system?

You will never hand water enough or correctly. Sorry/not sorry. Investing in an appropriate system for your plants is worth every penny, considering the cost of plant loss you will have otherwise. Why would you spend money on plants and then not set them up to thrive? Take a look at this post if you’re still not convinced.

NOTE: Irrigation systems can range from ultra simple to highly complicated. Ultra simple ones are perforated hoses/tubes laid on the soil around your plants, attached to a battery timer, and connected to your spigot. Highly complicated ones include rigid pipes installed underground attached to an RPZ unit. 

When you begin designing, you start with plants, right?

Believe it or not, no. Our work begins by taking a look at your overall exterior architecture. We need to lay the groundwork for your outdoor space. We want to understand how you envision using the space and if there are any existing elements that need attention before we can create the perfect design. Once we have the foundation in place, we can then bring in the vibrant beauty of plants to complete the picture.

Here are not one, but two amazing resources to assist you in your planning.

Can I still get on the Topiarius calendar?

Absolutely, as long as you contact us based on these deadlines.

Hopefully this crash course helps you think about what is doable (and necessary!) for making updates to your outdoor space. But you know what else helps? Using Topiarius to help design, install, and maintain said outdoor space. Because – hopefully you know our mission by now, but just to make sure you get it right on the next quiz, I’ll remind you one more time – we’re here to help YOU live beautifully outdoors.



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