Close up of Tardiva Hydrangea.

Amazon has ruined us. With a few clicks we can get anything we want at any time we want it no matter where we are located.

Will I stop using Amazon? Will Topiarius stop using Amazon? That’s a big fat NO. Whether your like or dislike Bezos, Amazon is still genius.

But here’s the thing. Custom luxury goods do not have the option of Amazon accessibility.

In a recent article I just read in House Beautiful called “The Waiting Game,” the author notes that “there isn’t some giant warehouse containing every potential combo waiting to be sold.”

The good news is to have it YOUR way means you get it your way. The bad news is you’ll have to be patient and wait. (And trust me . . . I am waiting for a bed that I ordered in January to be delivered – fingers-crossed – 9 months later.)

The same thing applies to the plant world. And I KNOW this is not known to many of you, particularly because it’s about a trifecta of COVID, the 2008 financial crash, and weather.

According to Lisa Fiore, co-founder and CEO of LandscapeHub, in another recent article called “How Supply Chain Issues Are Impacting Lawn and Landscape Industry” published by National Association of Landscape Professionals, she says,

“When it [the recession] hit in 2008, many nurseries reduced their production.

They either didn’t have the cash or the appetite to risk the investment of putting more plants in the ground 12 years ago.

Because trees and evergreens take 10 to 12 years to produce, the effects from the Great Recession are now being seen with those shortages.

COVID and the increased consumer demand from more people staying home have impacted the availability of faster-produced plant material.

Severe weather events have also impacted the availability of plant material in locations like Texas and Louisiana while increasing demand as people seek to replace the plants they lost in the storms.”

Topiarius’ expertise is knowing which plants will work well in your yard – neah, which ones will thrive – whether in-ground or on a rooftop. We also work diligently to make sure you get THE one plant that’s going to make the design inspired. We want YOU to look at your project and go WOW, just as much as WE want to go WOW.

So . . . here’s what we do. We look at options. We look at alternative designs. And we know that we are going to be working in phases over the next year. Patience and a willingness to be flexible are the rules that guide this “game.”

Our work for you will get completed that’s a 100% guarantee, it’s just going to take, well . . . time.



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