Close up of a hand with a glove on, picking weeds out of a garden.

If you have a garden, then you must know these 3 things right now:

Weeds. Water. Growth.  

(Consider this missive the cliff notes to What To Expect When Your Expecting Summer in Your Garden.)


There are LOTS of weeds right now.

And they’ve popped up overnight. It’s crazy!

After this very wet spring and fast transition to summer, the stage was set for weeds to magically appear. This is normal, albeit frustrating, but very normal.


You didn’t notice any wilting plants this spring because IT RAINED the WHOLE time! But now that the sun is out and it’s much warmer, your plants need to be watered.

You need to be observing your plants and checking the soil daily. Yup. (After a while of regularly checking, you’ll begin to understand how often you need to be watering.)

Here’s the very scientific process to know if you need to water.

ONE: Touch

Stick your finger in the soil – about 2″ – 3” down. Is the soil soaking, moist, kind of dry, or bone dry?

TWO: Observe

Are the leaves wilting?


If the soil is kind of dry or dry and/or the leaves are wilting, it’s time to water!

NOTE: If you have an irrigation system you’re going to be very thankful, but you will likely need to adjust the length of watering time. OR you can make sure you’ve contracted with us for all your maintenance needs so that your workload is cut by 95%! Just saying . . . 


It wasn’t until lat weekend that I finally got rid of our Spruce that was in a container, not because I was being lazy, but because I finally confirmed it was a gonner. When I touched it there was a waterfall of needles that got stuck in my shoes, socks, shirt, hair, and gloves! (Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge a plant is dead, right?)

My point here is . . . it won’t be until this time of year (maybe a smidge sooner) that you can officially confirm that deciduous plants (the kind that lose their leaves each year) are alive or not alive – either there is new growth nor not.

Weeds. Water. Growth.

The 3 things you must know if you have a garden.

And . . . the 4th thing to know is, if you need help, we’re a click away!

P.S. Here’s the link again for pages from our playbook on how to watering properly.



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