Project Details

Square Feet

Single Family Residence

Highland Park, IL


Services: Design and Construction

Sometimes the inspiration for a project comes from far away and sometimes, if we’re lucky, it’s provided by something gorgeous already on site. This Highland Park home offered the latter in the form of an impressive Oak tree just off the rear corner of the house. 

When Topiarius first visited the site, this tree was hidden behind an elevated patio and masonry walls. As the design unfolded, it was imperative that this fabulous tree act as both a focal point and guiding light for the updated landscape. 

Our goal with this landscape design was to keep clean lines in the built elements connecting the existing home and pool. The result is a series of patios that take second stage to the surrounding vegetation. Pocket plantings help soften the raised kitchen patio and flank the wide stairs leading down to the pool. Adjacent to the pool, an impressive cedar pergola frames views of the oak towering above. A fireplace provides an inward focus as the seasons change and the leaves start to fall.

The spaces and elements here are big, but they feel perfectly at home surrounded by the dappled light shining through Oak tree and cedar pergola.  

To view the final installation images, click here.