Project Details

Square Feet

Single Family Residence

Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL


Services: Design and Construction

This Lincoln Park home needed a landscape that could provide function, respite, and beauty in very tight spaces. These spaces are surrounded by neighboring structures and utilities, which limited our ability to use borrowed views to expand the sense of scale in the landscape.

Topiarius relishes designing tiny spaces and jumped at this chance to recapture and command the views from these rear terraces. Our goals were to provide a sense of privacy while creating enough interest in materials and plantings to add warmth and wonder to the views throughout.

For this project, a rear dining terrace was transformed with a porcelain-clad fireplace, overhead lighting, outdoor kitchen, and privacy screening. Given the programming and circulation required, planting space was limited, so we solved for this with planters for seasonal displays that flank the fireplace for maximum foliar impact.

On the garage deck, a multi-season entertainment space including a pergola, integrated TV accent wall, aluminum screening, and plantings provide privacy from neighbors a few feet away. An angled platform built for green roof trays, with recessed round planters for Aspens, brings greenery into the space impactfully. The result is a lush and private gathering space with room for friends and family.

To view the final installation images, click here.