Project Details

Square Feet

Single Family Residence

Long Beach, IN


Services: Design and Construction

When a site already has stunning views, the best approach for a landscape design may be simply to stay out of the way. This project, nestled in the dunes along Lake Michigan in northern Indiana, had exactly that kind of backdrop. Here was a place already perfect for basking in the golden glow of a summer sunset.

Our landscape design process began with research. What grasses and perennials grow naturally in the sandy dune soils in the area? What plantings will not only thrive in the space, but look as though they belong? The answers were key for our team because we wanted an intentionally planted and stylized garden that belonged on the dune and blended into the larger landscape and the surrounding, naturalized grasses.

Plants like Beach Pea and Quaking Aspen were chosen because they are lovely ornamental natives that connected with the mixed perennial beds and grasses.

As a result, the views from the upper deck or lower terrace start with a magnificent prelude of a garden which seamless transitions to the main attraction of Lake Michigan.