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Square Feet

Single Family Residence

Lake view
Chicago, IL


Services: Design and Construction

In the city of Chicago, a large front yard is rare. When you are lucky enough to have one, it just seems logical to maximize its beauty and functionality, which is exactly what these homeowners wanted – but they also desired a private gathering space in their backyard, as well.

Our approach for the front yard was to provide a sense of enchantment that matched the home’s architecture, and provide the perfect backdrop for a garden with personality. Enter in the potager parterre design style. A potager parterre serves dual purposes, as a practical kitchen garden and a charming ornamental space. It utilizes raised edging to achieve the same visual impact as low hedges and is outlined by edging and pathways of gravel. The garden also contains custom trellises and obelisks that functionally help plants to grow in summer and provide visual interest in winter.

The planting is a mixture of flower shrubs and perennials, along with annuals and vegetables. Trees throughout the space provide additional visual interest. Each season, our clients can rely on the permanent plantings and still have plenty of space to try out new vegetables and annuals through our Fine Gardening and Seasonal Rotation services.

In the backyard, the goal was simplicity that aligned with the home’s character. The focal point is the existing masonry fireplace, around which we centered a new patio. The backdrop is a single row of crabapples, set in decorative gravel. They provide visual interest outside, and the perfect view from within the home’s workout studio.

Custom carpentry details, such as the outdoor kitchen cabinets and backsplash, helped to unify the house and garden. Recessed up-lights on the trees enliven the space at night, while whimsical path lights mimic curves of the existing porticos. The added touch of terra cotta planters filled with herbs not only adds to the character of the design, but also provides additional growing space for more edible ingredients.

This award-winning project has not only been a home run for our clients, but for the neighborhood as well.