Project Details

Square Feet

private rooftop in a multi-residential building

Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL


Services: Design and Construction

This rooftop terrace went from a commercial-looking hodge podge space to an award-winning, sophisticated, welcoming, relaxing rooftop oasis that makes entertaining a piece of cake!

Knowing their rooftop terrace had the potential to be an amazing outdoor space, our clients began investing in upgrades before hiring us; however, they quickly realized that their original vision wasn’t satisfactory. Once we got underway in working together, our team was able to conceive of solutions for their wide open, unprotected space, making it possible for dreams of outdoor dinner parties to become reality.

As a result, we wanted multiple areas for guests to gather, key to the design being a dedicated space for their large dining table – all enhanced by ambient lighting.

Our clients were also concerned about privacy from a neighboring building that looked directly onto their space which we addressed through plants as screening and the pergola.

The noise of the mechanicals needed to be damped. This gave us an opportunity to define separate areas so that we could play with different materials and level changes through decking.

Along with privacy, the sun exposure made the space very hot on summer afternoons and they wanted to find a way to create shade that would withstand the punishing winds off the lake. While the custom panels are fixed in place, their design allows for dappled sun and wind movement. With the addition of heaters anchored on the pergola and a fire feature, the couple has a space for extended seasonal use.

And, of course, they wanted plantings that would soften the space and invite you outside. By using/transplanting some of the trees and shrubs they had, and adding other shrubs, perennials, green roof trays, and containers for annual displays a rooftop oasis was created.