Project Details

Square foot sun deck
Square foot pool deck

460 multi-unit high-rise condominium

Gold Coast,
Chicago, IL


Services: Design and Construction

When the residents, board members, and property management of this 460-unit high-rise condominium building agreed that it was time for the renovation of their Sun Deck and Pool Deck, we were eager to provide them with an elevated rooftop outdoor oasis that everyone could enjoy. Just as importantly, this renovation increased the value of each of the units.

The Sun Deck design process resulted in a bold yet comfortable space, highlighted by a crisp central pergola, a new porcelain tile floor, nine grill stations, two fireplaces, multiple gathering areas, and a future outdoor movie viewing area, all beautifully landscaped and created with a variety of seating areas.

The 10 foot high, 27×15 foot aluminum pergola with fixed Ipe louvers defines the space, anchoring the center of the deck. This area includes three easy-access grill stations with bar height seating directly adjacent to the grills, as well as benches with built-in outlets. Flex tables and chairs complete the area and accommodate any number and arrangement of groups. The cafe lights evoke a cozy ambience for evening gatherings under the pergola.

While the pergola is eye-catching, the new porcelain pedestal floor on the Sun Deck is stunning. The Belgard 2’x2’ is a perfect complement to the building color. The tiles were installed with a metal tray backing, on pedestals, to ensure that wind loads were managed.

The nine Summerset grilling stations and two bar-height gathering areas are clad with deep blue Richlite, an FSC® certified product, made from post-consumer recycled paper and topped off with black honed granite grill areas, for easy gathering and easy maintenance. To keep the counters clutter-free, all of the grills have a utensil area. Each grill has a safety timer, and four of the grills have side burners as well.

Gathering nooks were created by implementing two fire features with Mamma Green seating. Custom stainless-steel benches were included, bringing additional color and texture into the mix.

Intermixed throughout the seating areas are more than 50 feet of Ipe benches, custom made by Topiarius. The benches include outlets so that anyone using the space can conveniently charge their devices, and under-seat lighting adds to the ambiance each evening. Nearly 100 planters throughout the space provide vibrant annual color. The movie viewing area is located above the round blue planters.

On the upper-level Pool Deck, there are four 12’x15’ custom-built Ipe sun lounge areas, separated by planters. The 23 custom designed and cut aluminum panels run the length of the pool fence, along with a series of planters that create an artful visual focus, screening the utility area and providing a spectacular backdrop for the pool at nighttime.

This project received a 2019 HNA Hardscape Project Award from Belgard Pavers and Hardscapes and a 2020 Gold Award in Excellence for Commercial Construction from the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA).