Project Details

Square Feet

Single Family Residence

Lincoln Park,
Chicago, IL


Services: Design and construction

When you’re living in the city, fantastic views come at a premium. When your bedroom is at garden level, however, it would seem like an impossibility.

Welcome to working with Topiarius, where we often come up with solutions and strategies that make the impossible, possible!

In this instance, creating a spectacular view meant designing and building this front yard entirely around the concept of what the view would be from inside.

Rather than a traditional foundation planting and retaining wall, we installed stairs to the basement windows. The resulting effect is a sense that you could walk right out the window and into one’s private garden. The thermal bluestone steps are held in place by an aluminum planter used for seasonal plantings.

The front walk, made of thermal bluestone paving, cuts across the entire front yard, providing a backdrop to the interior. In a select few stones, puck lighting was installed, adding to the ambiance in the evening. Additional bluestone chips throughout the front yard, held in place by black metal edging, softens the overall feel.

A diversity of foliage textures was key in framing views and obscuring just enough for the space to feel intimate and lush, despite its public face. Rounding out the entire experience are the sounds and view of the beautiful water feature, which provides a sense of calm as well as visual interest.

Curious about the backyard landscape design? Click here to learn about the design and here to see the final product.