Run, Play, Garden

New homes often need an upgrade from the standard builders’ landscape plan and this property was no different. It offered us unlimited possibilities. We began with the design and installation of the project. It was only a natural progression for us to take on the fine gardening service and all the seasonal color rotations.

Each outdoor space serves a different function while providing a cohesive park like atmosphere in the middle of the city. The two upper rooftop spaces extend the living space by offering a relaxing environment that is private with a pleasing view. The lower levels are dedicated to child’s play and entertaining. This space offers artificial turf designed to provide a safe and clean play area, and easy to monitor from the inside.

The side lawn was the biggest challenge. It had minimal light, poor drainage, high traffic and dog damage. Our solution was to install artificial turf with a deep drainage base. This makes the space much more easy to use and eliminates the times when the area was off limits after new sod was laid. It is book-ended by a patio with a fire pit and a Sport Court for basketball and play. A small raised bed next to the patio grows vegetables.

Our services includes caring for all the trees, shrubs, plants, and annuals, irrigation, lighting, paving, artificial turf, fencing, screening, and additional plantings.

Each season annuals are rotated through all the containers and landscape beds. Bulbs are planted in the fall to provide color in the spring. Each fall, lights are placed on front yard trees for Halloween and for Christmas, we place lights and provide interior decoration for the holidays.