Featured is a Lake Michigan project (or “Luxury Retreat Living” as we like to call it).

This family has owned their home since the 1970’s, began renovations in 2020 and added new landscaping in 2022.

All of these details were overwhelming, which is why we were contacted to problem solve. Our goal: create a outdoor oasis that is even more beautiful than this family imagined.

Here are some of the logistics that we worked through for this lakeside landscape renovation in this backyard:

  • This reno required substantial permitting and additional approvals, because the house is on the water and the sewer and septic are located in the rear garden.
  • The “sunset clause” (a.k.a. you can’t block the sunset view of your neighbor) is why the fence stops where it does.
  • We had to discern the accurate percentage of lot coverage, which is determined by NOLA in Indiana and the Army Corps of Engineers. This percentage was not allowed to increase, so our Design Studio had to work within these boundaries.
  • We worked within property lines that are inches of each other and compounded by tricky access due to a neighbor and a community right of way.
  • We added dry wells and French drains to direct water runoff.
  • Provide Phragmites abatement in order to plant more dune grass.
  • Installed new electrical that was run throughout the project.
  • And, added plumbing sleeves that will be utilized in Phase 2 for a future gas line / fire table.

From before to after . . .

Click here to learn more about the design process.



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