A Real Garden Makeover

It’s not uncommon for homes on city lots to have an uninspired yard. These clients wanted to create an urban paradise that was kid-friendly but designed for entertaining or just relaxing. But, because the footprint of the existing home’s yard space was minimal, they purchased the adjacent lot, tore the home down and kept the carriage house.

We designed a personalized outdoor space that included a play area and Sport Court. We added a tall narrow row of Serviceberry trees to soften the neighbor’s house, a mixed border of flowers along the clients house, and a small vegetable garden just off the patio. An evergreen hedge divides the yard from the city sidewalk. We also installed inline drip irrigation in all landscape beds.

Structurally, we installed a wooden fence adjacent to the patio and a wrought iron fence as a continuation of the front of the house and parkway. We added a stairwell that connects the original backyard and the new patio.

We installed a bluestone patio with a fire pit adjacent to the carriage house. The bluestone patio, set in a diamond pattern with 2’ x 2’ squares and 2 steps up from the main lawn area, includes a masonry-sitting wall with limestone cap to match the house that helps create a seamless connection to the existing backyard. A selection of landscape lights in different styles and finishes were incorporated throughout the parameters of the home.

A common lawn problem in the city is poor drainage and this property was no different. To solve the problem, we removed the real grass and replaced it with high-quality artificial turf, providing instantaneous and immediate drainage, while still looking great.

The installation of the project from start to finish was eight weeks. Today, our on-going services include our fine gardening services and seasonal color rotations.