Light Requirements For Plants

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Today we start in Plants 101. Here you will learn how to secure your $ investment in plants by knowing what kind of sunlight they need.

#1. Did you know that each and every plant has sun requirements in order to grow?

Every plant will thrive when it’s planted in its ideal location. This means if a plant needs full sun, then it needs 6 or more hours of direct sunlight per day. If it is a plant that likes less sun and more shade (a.k.a. a shade tolerant plant), then it only needs 2 hours or less of direct sunlight per day. 

#2: Why does knowing this matter?

It matters because as you and I invest in plants, we want our dollars to bring us an ROI. Our plants should grow into all their magnificence in order for us to enjoy them. So, if a plant is planted in the wrong location (i.e., not in a place to get the sunlight it needs – or doesn’t need), then that plant will suffer and could eventually die. 

To be honest, if you don’t pay attention to this then you’re flushing $ down the drain . . . squandering $ . . . recklessly tossing $ away . . . spending $ as if it were going out of style . . . You catch my drift?

Bottom line, you can’t force a plant to be glorious in the wrong location.

The Solution Is Easy: Know what kind of sunlight your plants need.

  1. Ask us, a reputable landscape design/build/maintenance company.
  2. If you’re at the nursery or plant store, look at the tag on the plant or simply ask someone that works there. (If it’s a reputable place, someone will have the answer.)

And because no class would be complete without a quiz, here’s yours:

Can you identify the (2) plants that should be planted in full sun (six plus hours of sunlight) and the (2) full shade (two or less hours of sunlight)?

BONUS POINTS if you can also ID the plant name!

Echinacea Flowers
Pampas grass
  • To find out if you’re correct, respond to this post.

And in the meantime, you’re welcome for making you a smarter and wiser individual. 😁 

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*Topiarius University is not a real place or even a department. It’s our incredibly artful way to signal we’ve got some content that we believe is worth learning. It’s the kind of info that makes you a more interesting human.


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