If you’re like me, the below-freezing temperatures may have you feeling down and blue (figuratively and literally . . . I feel like all Chicagoans look like the frozen face emoji this week). Feeling “blue” got me thinking about the color blue . . . and the color blue got me thinking about blue flowers . . . and I love blue flowers. Ironically, they make me feel anything but blue! So I figured, why not share a few of my favorite blue flowers to get us all dreaming about what our gardens are going to look like this spring?!? 

Blue Hyacinth (spring flowering bulb)


Blue Star Columbine (spring/summer blooms)


Bearded Blue Iris (spring/summer flowering bulb)

blue bearded iris-1

Blue Indigo (Baptisia)


Blue Wood Aster (summer/fall blooms)

Wood Blue Astor

Speaking of gardens . . . how’s yours doing? Is it maybe, slightly, ever-so-carefully time to make some changes?  

This perspective may help: If you walk outdoors into any one of your spaces (ground level or rooftop) and you don’t immediately miss spending time there, then it’s unequivocally time to call Topiarius.   Living outdoors changes the way you live . . . for the better. It’s not something we just say; it’s actually something all of us at Topiarius understand and believe.

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