Close up of a purple spring perennial.

I’m seriously jonesing for hot weather, longer days, and my outdoor shower, but I’d miss out on this trio of perennials if I fast-forward too quickly.

These 3 lovely ladies (yes, my plants tend to be female) are worth your attention.

They’re worth your attention cuz they got personality and energy and will make your garden sing.

Iris (despite her being bearded): she’s a proud hussy. She got so much beauty she ain’t embarrassed; she’s just gonna flaunt it for all to see.

Allium: she is a HIGH achiever with type-A tendencies. She keeps herself quite manicured and chooses to stand above the rest. You gonna notice this one.

Columbine: she possesses a delicate power. Her arrival is just like a Kim’s Convenience “sneak attack.” She stays a bit lower to the ground unlike the other two and plays her cards right. As all the other perennials are showing green, she’s like, “Damn, check me out.”

I’m guessing you had no idea that these perennials packed such a punch?

Alright . . . join me in this slow roll. Let’s enjoy these gals while they last.

Batik Bearded Iris
Batik Bearded Iris
Columbine - Aquilegia canadensis
Allium – Allium giganteum
Columbine - Aquilegia canadensis
Columbine – Aquilegia canadensis


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