It didn’t take long before Craig and I figured out how to frustrate our (then very young) neices. Each time they asked us, “Guess, what?” We’d retort, “Chicken butt.” I mean, this would occur 10-15 times before they’d just give up.

And . . . guess what????? 

Did you say it? ha. 

Guess what . . . it’s not chicken butt . . . it’s a nursery that supplies some amazing Rhododendrons and Azaleas especially for clients that have homes along Lake Michigan. 

It’s called Rosebay Nursery in Saugatuck, MI. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. 

Why is this so exciting? 

Because Rhodis and Azaleas are very difficult to grow in Chicagoland soil. These beauties thrive in acidic soil (i.e. what’s in MI) and Chicago has alkaline soil. 

SOOOOO if you have a home along Lake Michigan or in MI, these plants can most certainly be part of your planting plan! We have options!!!! 

Bottom line . . . new plant options only make our designs and your landscpe better. 

If you are interested in a landscape design that includes these beauties, then contact us because, guess what? And it’s not chicken butt . . . it’s . . .

We’re ready!

Yellow capistrano rhododendron.
Pearce's American Beauty Rhododendron.
Grouping of rhododendrons.
Percy Wiseman Rhododenron.


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