What Types of Pergolas Are There?

I’d wager that for many of us, visualizing the “it factor” is key to unlocking what’s possible for yourself. 

Today, the “it factor” is PERGOLAS!

(As a reminder, Pergolas are outdoor structures without walls, and have a grid-like roof supported by columns or posts. Pergolas are made up of beams, bracing, rafters, and columns, and may also include louvers or batten strips. The roof and walls can be open or covered.)

If you’ve been outside this summer, you know that shade in your landscape is critical for finding some respite and relaxation. While pergolas don’t work in every scenario, they are an option that can (and should!) be considered.

The great news is that our team at Topiarius can design, engineer, and install pergolas that come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors for in-ground AND rooftop applications. Better yet, all of these options can be customized for your preferences and the goals you have for your outdoor space. Without further ado, take a look at these beauties:

Aluminum Pergola

Rooftop Pergola. Made of aluminum, painted black, with retractable shades.

Arches Pergola

Rooftop Pergola. Made of wood, painted gray/blue, with fixed beams. 

Cedar Pergola

In-ground Pergola. Made of wood, left to age silver/grey, with fixed beams. 

Double Peak Pergola

Rooftop Pergola. Made of aluminum and Ipe, painted black, louvers oiled and fixed in place. 

Louver Pergola Peak Roof

Rooftop Pergola. Made of aluminum and Knotwood, painted black,  fixed in place. 

StruXure Pergola

Rooftop Pergola. StruXure brand. Aluminum with rotating louvers (it’s awesome!).

Blue Pergola

Rooftop Pergola. Aluminum with fixed panels and painted BLUE! (Yes! Color!)

Are you able to not just imagine, but truly envision what’s possible for your outdoor enjoyment and relaxation? Does this give you hope for enjoying the dog days of summer within a bit of shade?  

Topiarius loves imagining what’s possible with each of our clients, and designing the plan that is right for YOU. So let’s chat, and we can determine if a pergola will fit into your overall plan! 

After a phone call and complimentary on-site consultation, we’ll find out which of our 3 design pathways works best for your project. Then we’ll keep things moving forward so that ‘it factor’ can be part of your outdoor dreams come true! 

Contact us, today!

If a pergola doesn’t work with your landscape design, consider these shade options.



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