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In order for YOU to make the very best decision you can about who you choose to work with for your outdoor oasis, you need to know your options – the whole picture.

Let’s get started.

It goes like this, there are

  1. Companies that only do design work.
  2. Companies that only do the installation.
  3. Companies that do both.
  4. Companies that do both and then some.

Each type of company or person has an area(s) of expertise and that is how they will design your experience for you.

(Note: these do not include any home builders or architects. These are companies that specifically focus on landscaping.)

Companies that do the design place a high value and premium on the design they will create for you. You will be buying your design from them. Because you own it, you can then take that design to whomever you want to do the installation. Often times, these companies will offer you their management services as well. You pay them to facilitate the multitude of subcontractors needed to implement your project. These subs operate on their own timeline because they are working for many clients at the same time, which can cause management headaches and longer timelines.

Companies that do the installation will work with a plan that is provided to them. (These are often the companies subcontracted with by the first category.) Depending on the scope of work needed, there may be need for multiple companies to complete your project, and then you become the project manager. Quality companies that do the installation will not have any issue reading plans to complete the work, but if there are any changes with design or construction, you also take on the responsibility of making these decisions.

Companies that do both the design and the installation are a perfect combination. Not only are the designs of high quality, but they are also implemented by teams under the same roof. These companies know their staffs’ skills and manage their timelines. If there are any issues that come up with design or with construction, the designers are immediately accessible.

Companies that do both the design and the installation and then some are the crème de la crème. At Topiarius we not only provide in-house design and installation, but we continue our service with fine gardening/maintenance and seasonal rotations. So once the project is complete, we will continue to provide care and annual color through all seasons.

Clearly we’re biased. Can’t hide that. But that’s not my point. Remember I have your best interest at heart.

We always want to work with clients that are great fits. So, it is my hope that with these factoids, you’ve been equipped with the information you need to make the best decision for yourself.

We can’t wait to get the conversation started with you!



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