Water droplets dripping off of flower petals.

After a long, snowy winter, Uptown was quite a sight when March rolled in. 

We used to live in Uptown in amongst many of the multi-unit buildings. And, like many, many residents in Uptown, we had a dog (two to be exact – Duncan and Pegi).

Not only did you see the mushes of grassy-mud, plastic bags and discarded wrappers, but you also had to navigate parkways of poop. I mean . . . do I get an AMEN from anyone?!  I bet I’d get some hoot and hollering if I bring up the rat nests . . . right, Lincoln Park?!

Winter’s underbelly is on full display in March. It’s as if winter is being submissive, laying on its back saying, “Please, I trust you now. I alphaed my way through the last few months and now . . . I think I’m kind of done.”

This is when the magic happens. Spring, sometimes gently and sometimes forcefully, will appear and all of the ugliness of winter dissipates. I begin to think, I love you, Chicago! (A bit of a Groundhog Day routine here.)

With respect to Mother Nature and her timing, the one actionable step you can take to catapult your March landscape into spring is to contact us to do the work for you.

I know in addition to being cooped up all winter with the extra layer of COVID, you’re eager to get outside and get moving. We want you to move and breath the fresh air by doing things that are fun. We are soo about you living beautifully outdoors.

So let us curate your landscape by raking, edging, mulching, pruning, sweeping, wiping down, power-washing, and fertilizing. We’ve so got this honey-do list done and done.

Think of all the beautiful living you can do without all the chores!

It’s way more fun to walk by the lake or through the forest preserve. How about having a picnic with your favorite deli sandwich and beer (yes, we all know how to sneak alcohol into the parks). I mean, time to kick the soccer ball around with your kids or toss the Frisbee with our pooch. Not having to do your landscaping chores is pretty priceless.

Here’s the deal: the sooner you book, the faster we can get your landscape spring-ready. 

Winter has given us the green light (a.k.a. poop piles on parkways), so give us a call or contact us through our website to book your spring cleanup now.

From this proud Chicagoan,



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