Refer and Earn

I’m super duper exited!

We sent out cash last week. Did you get it?

So it wasn’t literal cash, but a postcard.

Why would a postcard be that exciting?

I know, the holiday cards have stopped and all that’s left are junk mailers and catalogs, so why bother looking?

Because . . . it’s gonna make you money!!!! (yelling in my best Oprah voice)

Yes, that is 100% factual and non-mob inciting.

Did you see what our postcard said?

If you refer someone to Topiarius and we contract work with them within a year of them contacting us . . . you get credit! And lots of it.

Either $250 or $500 per referral!

That’s FREE money you can spend on any future contract you have with us.

Imagine this . . .

As you’re heading outside to dump your trash, you see your neighbor. They mention how much they love what you did with your back yard.

All you have to say is, “Thanks, we love it! It was done by Topiarius and we highly recommend them. If you call them, let them know that I gave you their name.”

Done! In less than 5 seconds you are rolling in the dough. (Maybe this will be mob inciting . . . definitely not like the US Capital kind but like the Cabbage Patch kind. Remember those days?)

You could potentially get $250 or $500 off your next, let’s say, maintenance contract cuz you were just taking out the smelly trash.

I can see now that you’re going through your proverbially Rolodex and doing the math.

If you refer 10 people, and say half make a call that leads to a contract, that’s gonna be somewhere between $1,250 – $2,500 of credit for you to apply to your new contracted services.

It’s not a secret that referrals carry a lot of weight. We know that 65% of new business opportunities come form word of mouth.

THUS we want to make this a HUGE win! 

I mean what a fantastic postcard, right!?



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