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I just had this amazing experience . . . all of 3 hours ago.

I couldn’t file Topiarius’ sales tax with the state yesterday because part of the online form had changed. But it was well after 5 p.m. and I knew I couldn’t contact them for help via phone until today.

Not sure how you feel whenever you have to deal with government entities, but this Chicagoan has learned many a lesson about the ridiculousness and non-productive conversations that occur with the city and state.

After waiting on hold for about 5 minutes (not bad at all!) I actually talked with a live person!!!! Not a bot!!!

THEN, I asked my VERY specific question without any big picture description. (It’s maybe my tricky test to see how long this convo is going to take.)

And SHUT THE DOOR, he answered it immediately and it worked!!!!

If this isn’t an omen for a GREAT day to come then I don’t know what is! My heart is still fluttering with how pleasant and direct the less than 1 minute convo was.


My previous experience told me that this call, if I got through (!), could be a battle with multiple other numbers to call, multiple times of repeating the same information, and multiple solutions that don’t work.

But . . . what happened this morning was the opposite.

I got expedient assistance and an honest solution that solved my frustration and pain point. (And, yes, the state got their money too. Definitely an incentive for a win-win.)

And this, folks, is how the world should work. This shouldn’t be a pipe dream. Why shouldn’t you have expectations of this kind of service from everyone you work with?

Well, we believe this kind of experience should be expected and normal, and it’s how we strive to operate at Topiarius.

We are very familiar with expectations of the “typical contractor” and why new clients approach us with skepticism. Typical contractors don’t return calls, they don’t show up when they say they’re going to show up, they tell you one price and charge for another, their quality of work is shit, they low bid you on your first contract and then continuously add on so you end up paying more, and the list goes one.

When choosing to work with us, it is our promise that we will not be this typical contractor. We are not perfect by any means, and project installations can take time, but we are also changing the way our industry should be understood. There is absolutely no reason for these typical behaviors and shame on those that operate that way.

Honesty, responsiveness, solutions . . . the expectations you can have when working with us. 



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