A Chicago LUXE Rooftop

This outdoor makeover took place in a preexisting space that was decent, although not exceptional.

So when Topiarius received the invitation to elevate it to LUXEdom, we gladly embraced the challenge to create something extraordinary.

We knew this would be an opportunity to showcase our innovative ideas and push the boundaries of outdoor design. So, utilizing our expertise in both architectural design and construction, we thoughtfully transformed a space consisting of good bones into a luxurious outdoor sanctuary.

To get oriented to the space, take a look at the plan view below.

“Before” images, below, show the lower deck right off the back of the home.

More “before” images, below; this time of the upper rooftop on the alley side of the plan.

And now. . .take a look at the AFTER! First, the lower deck by the home followed by the upper rooftop by the alley.

A truly transformed outdoor space!

From the moment you step foot into this oasis, you realize every element has been thoughtfully curated, from the stunning porcelain clad fireplace to the carefully selected plants and furniture that evoke a sense of luxury.

This project is another perfect example of what our in-house team is capable of in the outdoor built environment.

P.S. To see more photos of this rooftop project, check out our design and our construction portfolios. We supply the greater Chicago area with luxurious landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Check out all of our services and how we can make a difference for your space!



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