At Topiarius, we take pride in transforming outdoor spaces in Chicago and Southwest MI into stunning, vibrant, and luxurious landscapes. With our expert team of professionals (experienced designers, trained horticulturalists, and in-house construction crew), we offer a comprehensive range of luxury landscaping services to enhance your outdoor spaces.

We are driven by our passion to seamlessly fuse form and function, combine comfort and aesthetic, merge inspiration and practicality, and integrate innovation and quality.

Creating a plan and a vision

When it comes to landscape architecture and design, the planning phase is not just important, it is the foundation upon which every successful project is built. Having been designing since 2003, our team understands how to design breathtaking outdoor spaces that inspire and captivate you.

Vision becomes reality

Transform your outdoor space into an enchanting oasis with our expert construction services. Whether you dream of a serene retreat adorned with lush plants or a modern hardscape masterpiece, our skilled team has over 20 year of knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life.

Spring, summer, fall, winter

Topiarius celebrates each season with plants, designs, and unique displays. All our seasonal offerings are professionally designed and installed, and available to homeowners and commercial properties alike. Whether your preference is traditional and formal or clean and modern, we create the perfect design using the best plants and accents.

Signature care

Because we believe each garden has its own unique needs and distinct character, and it is our responsibility to provide the right kind of care to match, we call our maintenance services “Fine Gardening.” Our Fine Gardening Services team has the expertise needed to evaluate the landscaping requirements of a home or commercial property.

Unique and refreshing

With over a decade of history in the floral and plant industry, Topiarius has perfected the art of providing stunning interior botanicals to discerning clients. From elegant floral arrangements to vibrant plant installations, our team of skilled designers meticulously curate each piece to elevate the ambiance of both residential and commercial spaces.