Lumon Corner Closeup
Lumon Glass Structure
Lumon Balcony

Lumon’s sliding glass panel and roof systems

makes it possible to spend 365 days outdoors.


Live Outdoors Year Around

Lumon sliding glass system will transform an unused patio or a simple deck into a solarium where the changing seasons can truly be enjoyed.

Imagine the possibilities for extending the entertainment season and spending more time outdoors in comfort and style with our frameless retractable glass walls, balcony railings and coverings for balconies, sun rooms, and patios. 


Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

Additionally, Lumon products provide many benefits such as protection from wind, rain, UV rays and pests with retractable glass that’s easy to use, low maintenance and beautiful!

LUMON Products

LUMON Glazing

All the experience of the world’s most installed balcony glazing systems worldwide just got all packed into one single system. ​

The all new Lumon Glazing.

LUMON Railing

With a focus on both design and engineering, the Lumon Railing system’s lightweight but robust materials offer durability and functionality while giving your building an elegant, modern appearance. 

LUMON Blinds

The smart Lumon Blinds provide privacy and protect your balcony or terrace from direct sunlight, making your outdoor space more comfortable. Our blinds fits seamlessly to all our products.


Designed for backyards, rooftops, penthouses, ground floors, restaurants and integrates perfectly with our Lumon Glazing systems.​Made for harsh winter conditions, snow load, wind and the summer heat. 

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