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Post-pandemic conversations are occurring at every level of living, particularly around consumerism, which is what led me to comb through some reports yesterday.

I found that “roughly 75 percent of consumers tried a new shopping behavior in the last 18 months, and more than 80 percent of those intend to continue with new behaviors.” (McKinsey). And that 21% of the US population believes that life will not return to normal post-pandemic, and traditional generational buying behaviors can no longer be put into neat little boxes. (WinBigMedia).

My take away? Change, baby, change! 

Obviously, this got me thinking . . . how does Topiarius thrive in this climate of changing behaviors and ideologies? And more importantly, how do you benefit?

And the answer is through our REFER/EARN Program.

In order for a referral to work, two things need to happen. Who you refer needs to trust you, and two, they have to want the same results.

As new referral clients contact us, I know that these two things have occurred which means . . .

  • Despite the massive shift in purchasing habits, the desire and expectation of quality and reliability hasn’t disappeared.
  • That despite the world feeling unsettled, for the next few months or permanently, the need to live outdoors has not changed. If anything, it’s become intensely valuable.
  • Whether or not you know what life was like pre or post internet, you still want to work with a company that knows how to design outdoors spaces for families that are fun, exciting, and innovative. You want to quickly find the right company to work with because you’re ready to have an outdoor space that looks amazing. And you want the best products that ensure a long-lasting, sustainable outdoor environment.

So even in the new consumer environment, when the world may feel a bit backwards, I know that Topiarius’ mission will continue to be accomplished because you continue to refer us. THANK YOU!

AND, I also know that the benefits of the program go directly into your pocket! Matter fact since we launched REFER/EARN in January of 2021, we have allocated $9,000 plus to our clients because they’ve referred someone to Topiarius.

If you want to join this elite group of REFER/EARN clients, then click here for all the details. There’s no where you need to sign up, you simply have to refer . . . and earn!

Sara J-S

CEO / Co-owner

P.S. Please make sure your referral notes your name . . . that’s how you earn the credit.

Topiarius’ mission is to design, create, and maintain luxurious outdoor spaces because you deserve to live beautifully outdoors.


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