This past Friday afternoon was nothing ordinary, it was Taquiza Vaquera*! at Topiarius. And there was one seemingly unexpected phrase during the party that communicated, “SUCCESS!”

Over the past decade or so we have fallen into a rhythm of having 2 summer staff parties. They’ve varied in theme and the activities have changed, but there are always prizes!

At Friday’s party, organized by one of our crew leaders, our caterers offered the best tacos I’ve had to date, and we had a mechanical bull (a first for me – and please don’t tell our insurance agent). I was promised there’d be plenty of padding for the falls . . . and there was. Add to this arm-wrestling and tug-of-war, and the feats of strength were off the charts! Oddly enough amidst the machismo there was lots of vulnerability (due to falling off the bronco) and tons o’ laughter.

I typically grab my camera and attempt to memorialize the parties (Who knows if my photos are any good, but I do it anyway). So, when I asked Brandon and Erik if I could grab their pic it was of no surprise they got into pose. They then took me off guard when they commented:

“Right, Sara? We get to change people’s lives. We change people’s lives.”

Awkwardly, and in my smooth leadership style, I agreed and just moved on to the next group.

It’s taken me a moment to relish in their comment. I don’t think it was meant to impress me, I think it was two guys proud of the hard work they put in to transforming outdoor spaces, and they were simply letting me know they got it.

Topiarius is now 52 people strong and continuing to grow. Craig and my roles have changed uhhhhhhhh significantly since the days of us both pounding apart concrete and planting evergreens too heavy for us. Thus, we are further from the action. So, this moment of connection was gold.

While the party was most definitely a success . . . our mission at Topiarius is even a greater success.

We design, create, and maintain luxurious outdoor sanctuaries because you deserve to live beautifully outdoors . . . which, by the way, can change your life.

Ready to change your life too? Contact us today.

*Taquiza Vaquera is roughly translated to Cowgirl/Cowboy Party.


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