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You’re probably too cool to have had this happen to you. That is . . . to be the last one picked for a team.

But you can guess the feeling it evokes, right? Any number of these options: self-doubt, lack of confidence, uneasiness, embarrassment, hesitation, etc.

But it can also have the opposite effect. You realize that in order to not get picked last, you’ve got to have something to offer.

That’s why this trend is one we L-O-V-E!

Homeowners are investing as much as they are on the inside of their home as they are on their outdoor spaces BECAUSE we, as a purveyor of stepping up outdoor design and expectations, have something to offer. Game changer!

Outdoor budgets are being ruthlessly protected. Having a luxurious outdoor space that’s comfortable, inviting, and has all the amenities you could ever dream is not negotiable. It’s as valuable as everything on the inside of the four walls.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors or this pandemic thing we’re living through, either way landscaping is not being picked last anymore. We are hearing less and less the common mantra: whatever budget is leftover after construction will be allocated for outdoors.

If you’re committed to living beautifully outdoors (as much as you are to living beautifully indoors) then the best place to become familiar with all the possibilities is visit our website and our social media platforms. Sometimes you just have to see it to know that transforming your outdoor space should not be picked last.

Let’s just say Topiarius got game! We got plenty to offer!


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