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Let’s take an audit.

EEEK I know, it sounds daunting.

But please don’t stop reading. (You know this is from TOPIARIUS so it’s about living beautifully outdoors. So, this will actually be quite gentle.)

When you look at your outdoor space and landscaping, does it feel . . .

like an OBLIGATION (i.e., heavy and energy-taking)?
like a COMMITMENT (i.e., meaningful and wonderful)?

Why the audit?

Because this spring we are seeing a HUGE trend.

Clients are allocating hearty budgets to designing their unused or outdated landscapes in order to create beautiful sanctuaries and oases.

The realization of what it means to have a beautiful outdoor space was enforced by this past (and continuing) COVID year. If you’ve got to stay at home, then it’s got to feel like a COMMITMENT, not an OBLIGATION.

You know the spaces that feel like an OBLIGATION because you don’t want to spend time out there. When you look at it, you scowl, turn around, and find somewhere else to spend your time.

When it feels like a COMMITMENT, staying home for the weekend is better than any luxurious hotel experience you could have. When you walk outdoors, you’re as comfortable there as you are as being inside.

Nature is an essential sanctuary for us. And since humans spend 90% of their time indoors on average, being outdoors is so important to bring calm and reconnect to family and friends.

Audits are good. They bring clarity.

So we’ll be clear: we want you to live beautifully outdoors.

If you’re dealing with an OBLIGATION of an unused our outdated landscape space, and don’t want to anymore, then contact us. We are so about COMMITMENT.


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