Large outdoor kitchen area with blue cabinets and a large bar-height table.

Ordinary Moments Into Extraordinary Ones

When you sit down at a table with 1 person or multiple, you have taken a vital step towards a gathering that Priya Parker says can “turn ordinary moments into extraordinary moments.” [Her book called The Art of Gathering is a must read for anyone that simply has a friend to anyone that facilitates meetings.]

Ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

The past few months, our house has been filled with visitors – more specifically friends and family that we haven’t see for months and years. While the reason they each came to or through Chicago may be different, with each visitor we have spent time around a table.

Whether Craig smokes his meat (yup, he says this) or we Grubhub our way through local restaurants, we have had time to catch-up, introduce ourselves, discuss, ponder, pontificate, belly laugh, and belly laugh some more.

And, you’ve guessed correctly (!), we spent much of these meals outdoors.

Ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

So, Craig was forwarded an article from The New York Times by one of our amazing clients (thanks S.W.!). He then forwarded it to me. It is called “Today’s Must-Have Amenity? A Little Green Space.”

Unknowingly we both responded that we are geniuses so ahead of this trend.

Arrogant? No! Just feeling a bit proud that we beat the “big guys and gals” out of the Big Apple in their multi-unit home development game. We’ve known a little green space is important for years!

I did have one issue though. It’s around the word “amenity.” (Finally, my undergrad English Lit. degree is proving useful!!!!)

Google’s definition of amenity is a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place. 

I get that a little green space could be viewed as something that’s a nice perk or an added bonus, like an extra closet. 

But I’ve gotta say, friends, I want “a little green” space to be a necessity! I don’t want it to be trend like the cinnamon challenge (dumb!). I want a little green space to be elevated to the unstated status of obviously we’ve got to have a kitchen and a bathroom. I want a little green space to be something EVERYONE has because being in nature is fundamental to how well we live our lives.

Ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

I used to think Craig and I started Topiarius to just not work for anyone else. But honestly, our ideas and ideals have grown up.

What we have the privilege of doing at Topiarius is actually pretty freakin’ phenomenal. We get to design, create, and maintain luxurious outdoor sanctuaries for all of our clients.

We get to provide you with a table (the foundation), whether it’s a dining table or coffee table, to sit with new friends or old, with people you see all the time or haven’t for 25 years, so that you too can experience ordinary moments turned into extraordinary ones.

Ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Yes. Definitely amazing.

Cheers, my friends! 


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