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The first and last time I went to a ServiceMaster convention was with my husband (i.e., Craig) in the late ’90s.

His boss and him, employed by SM, ran the landscape job-training program at CCIL – Chicago Christian Industrial League. (Lots of crazy stories – ask him sometime.)

I don’t recall the hotel, but it was in St. Louis. The convention hall held a couple thousand-ish excited(!) attendees. 

I was half listening as the session began . . .

And before I realized what was happening, a thousand-ish women and men began pumping their fists into the air three times, each time chanting “ServiceMaster, ServiceMaster, ServiceMaster!!!!!!!!!”

I looked wide-eyed at Craig – who didn’t have a much better reaction than I did – and we both wondered . . . HUH? WTF? What did we get ourselves into?

The fervor was palatable. The excitement was everywhere. 

We just didn’t understand how people could be that excited about their job. I mean working was simply a means to an end (paycheck) and if there was more, then great. 

Fast-forward 25+ years. Topiarius turns 20 in March, and we have 50+ staff and we have YOU, amazing clients. 

Humble pie has been eaten and we’ve gotten a lot of our education about business in public. 

And now . . . thinking about my startlement and dismay at how SM chose to unite its team has turned to appreciation. 

If a company (i.e. people) keeps focused – eyes on the prize – then success can, and often will, follow. 

And this is why it is super-duper important at Topiarius for our staff to know our “chant,” which we also call Our Mission. 

We design, create, and maintain luxurious outdoor sanctuaries because people deserve to live beautifully outdoors. 

While we’re not fist pumping 3 times into the air, we do often start our staff meetings with a proper recitation. 

Staying focused on knowing why we do what we do, is an amazing thing . . . and should be celebrated.

If you’ve been waiting to find this kind of company to work with then now is the time to contact us. While our fall and winter maintenance/annuals services are booked for this season, we are taking new clients interested in design and construction projects. 


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