Read how Topiarius has worked with Shellane M. and her family to create an outdoor oasis of her dream.

When we trust each other our stories, our experiences, our recommendations have authority. They have the power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior.

So last night when Craig and I celebrated his birthday by taking in a show, I was reminded how influential someone’s story can be on my own life . . .  even when I really don’t know them (as much as I wish Bono and I were besties). 

This experience is why we’ve been developing our own series of client stories who are now living beautifully outdoors in their own unique ways. 

We take a look at their outdoor space issues, what the solutions are, and the results and impact the work has had on our clients’ lives. 

If you believe as we do, that nature is an essential sanctuary for us all, then an incredibly designed and built landscape doesn’t just provide curb appeal and increase your ROI, it can actually change your life.


Click Here for Case Study


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