If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all but could use something truly extraordinary for their outdoor living space, then TOPIARIUS is here to help.

You’ll see a refreshing change in my holiday gift guide this year. Instead of simply sharing my top picks for outdoor living items, I am thrilled to announce that you can now purchase these exclusive luxury selections directly from TOPIARIUS!

What you see below is just the beginning of what we have to offer. If you’re looking for shade, we have a wide range of options available. If outdoor furniture is what you’re after, we have even more selections to choose from. And if outdoor cabinetry, containers, grills, or fire features pique your interest, we have plenty of options to satisfy your needs. Even Lumon specializes in creating custom designs specifically tailored to your unique outdoor space.

1. Woodline Pavone Umbrella: This umbrella is extremely easy to use, has the capability to pivot 360 and provide shade wherever you are, and is heavy enough to withstand high winds.

2. Cane-line Hive Chair: A unique piece that makes your al fresco morning coffee (or end of day glass of wine) even more spectacular. They’re even better as a pair!

3. Royal Botania Styletto Sofa: As sexy as a stiletto heel and as comfortable as a slipper, this sofa will elevate any outdoor space.

4. A Topiarius Design Retainer! Provide the opportunity for your loved one to work directly with the Topiarius design team in creating the project of their dreams.

5. Fiberglass Containers: There are many benefits to these containers; they work in Chicago weather and climate, and can be any shape, color, or design style.

6. Challenger Torch Series Outdoor Cabinetry/Kitchen: This is high quality, well constructed cabinetry that is durable enough to live outdoors . Challenger provides ‘out of the box’ and highly customizable options, with designs ranging from classic to modern.

7. Lynx Free Standing Smart Grill: Lynx is owned by Viking, and is made with the high quality the company is known for. These come in freestanding as well as built-in options, and have all the bells and whistles a home chef will appreciate and enjoy.

8. Hesten Aspire Grill without Stand: Similar to the Lynx in its quality and offerings, Hesten stands apart because it offers the choice of nine different colors for its front panels.

9. Challenger Coastal Series Outdoor Cabinetry/Kitchen: While the Coastal Series is not customizable, it is a freestanding cabinetry unit with multiple configurations for cabinetry, grill space, sinks, trash, and different options for color and door panels. 

10. Cabo Square Fire Pit: The Outdoor Plus Cabo Square Fire Pit comes in square or rectangular options. A powder coated steel fire pit, it can be fueled with natural gas or propane, and has multiple size and color options. 

11. Florence Concrete Fire Pit: The Outdoor Plus Florence Concrete Fire Pit also comes in multiple colors, and can be fueled with propane or natural gas. The Florence is a low profile option at 12″ in height (42″ in diameter), but I think the elegance of the concrete is a real show-stopper.

12. Lumon: You may be catching on by now that we are huge fans of Lumon, a sliding and stacking glazed glass enclosure system. (We’re also the only licensed Lumon dealer and installer in the Chicagoland area!) There’s a blog post about Lumon below and I also recently filmed an Ask Me Anything video for social media that gives a quick rundown on Lumon’s perks. Imagine being able to extend the life of your outdoor space and maximize your enjoyment throughout the year…now THAT is a great holiday gift!

Please bear in mind that we do not operate as a traditional showroom. Each item offered here begins at $2,000 and is a custom order specifically for our valued clients. It is important to note that the availability of these items varies, so it’s crucial not to delay your order. We are happy to provide a beautiful gift card for presentation, in the event that your item of choice requires significant lead or shipping time.

If you’re interested in learning more or placing an order, click here. The holidays are a-comin’! Let’s get those gifts ordered!

Here to help you bring luxury to your loved ones.

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