An outdoor wooden dining table set with white plates and green napkins with various dinner foods served.

Honestly if it were just about the amazing food, you could always eat by yourself.

But sharing a meal is more than the food.

Sharing a meal has power.

As a result of dining together we are socially more satisfied with life. We are happier. We trust each other more. We engage with our communities more. We develop friendships that are supportive. We experience more laughter. We bond with the people we’re sharing a meal with.

Now if we eat together and we do it outdoors . . . yes, amazing!

Here’s the deal: Sharing a meal outdoors has healing power.

Did you know that Americans spend 90% of their life indoors?! Even when we know that being outdoors is good for our health?!

So, can you imagine this? Being able to dine with friends, family, or colleagues in your own back yard? In a back yard and dining area that feels like you’re at a resort or in one of the hottest hotels?

We can.

We can not only because this is what we do, but because we authentically believe nature is an essential sanctuary for us. And, when we’re in our sanctuaries we are taking care of ourselves. We are providing ourselves some of the best self-care around.

So, if you aren’t currently able to dine outdoors on the coast of Cabo or my favorite island in BVI (Jost Van Dyke), then let me offer you this alternative, and don’t do yourself a disservice by waiting too long. Contact us so we can get you on this path to self-care.

P.S. Need some ideas? Here are a few we think are pretty awesome.



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