Close up of various spring plantings.

If I had to pick any month to epitomize waiting, it’d be a Chicago March.

It’s not winter (really) and it not spring (really) . . . it’s a whiplash of temperatures and light. I’m craving summer and I’m mourning winter because each is so clear on its intent. For example, I know exactly how to dress for each season. (And this is molto importante!)

I started Googling how many hours we humans spend waiting.

  • According to thefactsite, the average person spends five years throughout their lifetime waiting in lines and queues.
  • According to a survey Timex completed (businesswire), it revealed that on average, people wait seven minutes for a cup of coffee, 20 minutes a day in traffic, 20 minutes a day for the bus or train and 32 minutes each time they go to the doctor.
  • According to the AAA (finance.yahoo), the average American spends 17,600 minutes driving each year. That’s 3,520 minutes, or 6 hours, spent waiting at red lights every 365 days. 

My research methods probably need to be refined, but all this to say, it’s not difficult to find out that “waiting” is a THING and often presented as something WRONG because it takes away from fully living.

Our crews take pictures of their work on each client’s site and upload them to our shared folders each day. The past couple weeks have been spring clean-ups and all we see are images of brown landscaping with the intermittent evergreen (thanks, evergreens!). When I look out my window at home I see brown perennials, brown Sweet Autumn Clematis, brown trees, a lawn that is 50% brown. It feels like nothing  is going to change and become beautiful. It doesn’t feel like the garden is fully living.

But, here’s what I’ve concluded: March is the deep breath between big moves.

When I take a deep breath, I’m actually still in motion and living. Big inhales and exhales are calming, provide oxygen for energy, clear the mind in order to focus. In a state of waiting I can do the foundational work needed so when the big moves occur, I’m really ready and can really enjoy it.  

As our crews clean off the remnants of winter and prepare gardens with fertilizers, mulch, and irrigation, gardens are really taking a deep breath so that in another month they’re going to be amazeballs. 

And this is why I’m coming around to liking and appreciating (dare I say, needing?) March. March teaches me a personal lesson. When I’m actively waiting, I’m using that space to do foundational work that’s only going to make me stronger and more brilliant for what’s coming next. March is the deep breath necessary between big moves.

I’m curious if the seasons have taught you any life lessons. I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

Sara J-S

CEO / Co-Owner

P.S. Speaking of spring clean-ups? Has yours been scheduled yet? Contact your sales person at 773.944.5400 or online.



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