Craig and Sara Jenkins-Sutton sitting side by side with a greenery background.

17 years ago Topiarius began.

A lot has happened.

Starting in the hallway of our condo with our parking space as our “landscape yard” to now residing in our own 10,000 square foot building and 40,000 square foot landscape yard.

Craig working alone with a Home Depot Homer bucket and our Ford Focus wagon to a staff of 40+ and a fleet of 14 trucks.

Doing everything ourselves from the selling, designing, ordering, installing, and billing to having a staff of professionals who are experts in their respective roles.

Advertising in print to advertising on your handheld phone.

As we finish out 2 decades and look forward, we have been thinking. Thinking about where we’ve been and where we’re going. We’ve reflected on our successes and our failures. We’ve been thinking about what we wanted when we started and what we want now.

We know that we have provided almost 600 clients with outdoor spaces that have amplified their love for being outdoors. We know that we have provided over 130 staff with work opportunities. We know that we have weathered the city’s economies and pandemics (still are). Not only are we resilient, but we are smart, creative, ambitious, passionate, authentic, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our time, our services, our presence are valuable and we’re making a difference.

It is the perfect time for us to clarify our direction and purpose. We are taking Topiarius into a new world.

We are upping our style, our image, our expectations.

We are focusing our promise.

As a landscape design, build and maintenance firm, we are transforming the Chicago urban landscape one rooftop and yard at a time. Where there is concrete, we want nature. Where there is empty space, we want stunning restorative beauty. This all based on our fundamental belief that nature is an essential sanctuary for humans. We are where luxury and sanctuary meet outdoors.

Our change is not only in our mindset and focus, but also our look. You’ll see evidence of this on our website, our business cards, our social media, our blog, our trucks, and our appearance.

So, to you, who have supported us for the past 17 years or if we’ve just met, we thank you.

As a service business, you make Topiarius possible.

Topiarius plans to be around for many more years. And we want to make sure we’re able to do so.

Craig (President) + Sara (CEO)



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