Fall Bulbs in Spring

Raise your hand if you like waiting?

Exactly. No one likes to wait. I for sure don’t like waiting.

Yet . . . waiting is interwoven into the reality our daily lives. (Clearing my throat and choking out C O V I D.)

That’s why this spring trend is going to blow your mind.

BECAUSE you cannot have it immediately. But you can see them now! (This is turning into a great riddle!)

The hottest spring trend right now is waiting until fall to plant spring flowering bulbs.

As you walk around your neighborhood or through parks you will see gloriously blooming Daffodils, Tulips, Muscari, Scilla, and more.

Here’s the deal: these blooms were planted in a previous fall. They were dug into the ground, covered with dirt, and hidden for 3-4 months. Some seriously delayed satisfaction.

YET they are the first to declare SPRING! They are the ones that we get to enjoy FIRST!

Sure, we love planting (and are doing so now) forced bulbs for spring displays. But we couldn’t start planting them until this week and next, well after you’re already enjoying bulbs that were planted last fall.

Capitalize on your current inspiration and book your fall planting of seasonal rotations now.

By this time next spring you will be so thankful you did. View our services to get started!


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