Roof top pergola with lighting and a fan with a dining table beneath.

I yearn for summer all year long, but it doesn’t mean that when it arrives, I need to suffer like a fool. I want to live outdoors AND be comfortable.

If this resonates with you, then holla! Cuz you can beat the heat in your outdoor space with these 2 cool options (pun intended!)

We use two types of fans – either oscillating or ceiling fans. The best option depends on what kind of structure you have to attach them to. Ceiling fans need a beam or ceiling (i.e., something horizontal). Oscillating fans can be mounted to an horizontal or vertical surface – particularly if you do not want to take up space with a stand.

The key to choosing the best fan is finding one that is wet-rated NOT damp-rated. Damp-rated means it cannot get wet but can be in outdoor areas like a screened in porch with a solid roof. Wet-rated fans can live outdoors even when it rains. It’s like the coat label that says it’s waterproof versus water resistant. You’re looking for waterproof.

There are many different options once you start Googling for an outdoor oscillating fan. You’ll need to look at size, speeds, material, and rotation capability. Try to find the quietest one you can but know there will be fan noise. Most are plug ins so unless you hire contractors (like us) or an electrician to help hide the cord, you’ll need to be okay with seeing it.

For ceiling fans, we tend to choose ones from Modern Forms. These require more assembly and an electrician or contractor (us) to install. But it is well worth it!


This is a fancy term for a system that provides cooling without wetness. It’s called TurboCool. It “uses hi-pressure pumps and an unique air delivery system to cool the air with micro-droplets. This allows for complete evaporation, so you can place tables as close as three to five feet from the port without having to worry about excess moisture.

The ideal solution for restaurants and patios [and residences], these innovative cooling systems will drop temperatures 10 to 20 degrees.”

These systems do require a professional contractor (us) or electrician to install as well as having a strategic mounting location(s). 

(This company does partner with StruXure with whom we are certified installers.)

So don’t suffer like a fool outdoors! Get connected with us so that you can live  beautifully outdoors! While it will never be like sitting in air-conditioning, it will be WAAAAAYYYYY more fun and relaxing to be outside.

From one cool cat to another,

Sara J-S


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