As I’ve begun walking through clothing stores again, I’ve found that my options are still within the pandemic sweatpant obsession phase, i.e., the trend that hasn’t stopped giving. (FYI, I’m done with it.)

BUT in the world of outdoor furniture (a.k.a. the casual market), Chris Walsh and I discovered at the Casual Market Show at the Merchandise Mart a few weeks ago, that furniture lines have not stopped creating and their offerings continue to get better and better.

The number one trend I noticed was the SETTEE. It’s a couch and daybed wrapped into one. The sizes tended to be smaller to medium, versus the over-sized furniture trend.

We also loved Mamagreen’s new line. It’s full of neutrals and color, as well as various size pieces for multi-functional spaces.

I was especially inspired by Brown Jordan’s move into more modern design (smart move). Their rocking chairs were some of my faves.

And we couldn’t help but fall in love with the umbrellas from Woodline, especially the Pendulum and the Easilift. The Pendulum is meant to withstand high winds – perfect for rooftops or lakeside. And the Easilift is for everyone that’s tried of cranking and pulling ropes just to get the umbrella to open.

And . . . here’s a clip of our afternoon.


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