Holy moly! After watching the Chicago River get dyed this past weekend, I can’t stop thinking about the color GREEN! 

If you want a color palette for your outdoor spaces that will stand the test of time, green is your answer. It’s a color that shines – no matter the trend, no matter the style, and alongside any accompanying colors. And I love that it symbolizes nature, health, hope, and growth.

As a special treat, I’ve pulled together a specially curated list of some favorite green things (minus plants, or you’d be scrolling through the list for days). These items come from some of our favorite brands and vendors – and you can trust that I mean it, because none of them are paying me to say this!

As you begin to dust off your outdoor furniture, patios, and decks, don’t be green with envy over your neighbor’s yard! Contact us today and our talented team will help create the green space of your dreams.

With vibrancy,

 Sara J-S

CEO / Co-Owner

Landscape Design - Suggest Products for use that are the color green.


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