At Topiarius, we LOVE to unapologetically throw shade.

Sound fun to you?

We love it so much we’ve just added a 6th item to our list of favorite ways to throw shade.

I’m talking about installing retractable outdoor shades just like this North Solar Screen (below) on this lovely rooftop project we finished last summer.

Roller Shade and Pergola

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon under your pergola without the glare of the sun or simply want to create a secluded space (i.e. avoid prying eyes from your next door neighbors), solar screens are a great option.

Depending on the kind of shade structure that you choose, there are a variety of options for installation and usability. We’d be more than happy to discuss. 

Don’t miss out on our other 5 shade solutions: click here. 

P.S. If a solar shade doesn’t line up with the vision you have for your outdoor oasis, check our umbrella recommendations!


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