Roof Top Screening with Light

Time to test your knowledge!

Of the two images for each category, which do you believe has the higher price tag? 

A.  Tiger Eyes Staghorn Sumac – 3′ Tall.

B. Japanese ‘Tamukeyama’ Maple – 2.5′ Tall.

A. Longshadow Jackson – 40″ H x 28″ W. Weight 310 lb.

B. Gardenstone Orion – 40″ H x 29.5″  W. Weight: 368 LBS.

A. Clay Pavers – 100 square feet.

B. Thermal Bluestone – 100 square feet.

A. Restoration Hardware Trousdale Lounge Chair with cushions.

B. Janus et Cie Savannah Lounge Chair with cushion.

A. Lynx gas grill 36″ without stand.

B. Broilmaster gas grill 36″ without stand.


Plants: Sumac is $90 and Japanese Maple is $400.

Planters: Longshadow is $1,690 and Gardenstone is $1,375.

Paving: Clay is $11,400 and Bluestone is $13,000.

Lounge Chairs: RH Trousdale is $929 and Janus et Cie Savannah Lounge is $3,000

Grills: Lynx is $5,800 and Broilmaster is $2,200.

So how did you do? 

Our goal is to give you a sense of what items cost. I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions about any of these products, please comment below. We’d love to get your feedback and answer your questions!

I’d be remiss if I also didn’t give this disclaimer. Each client of ours receives a custom design based on their custom environment which impacts these costs.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be diving into how “custom” impacts budget. STAY TUNED, Friend!


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