Our Top 20 Landscaping Pet Peeves

Let’s be honest.

The kind of honesty about stuff that you only share with people you trust. 

Like . . .  

  • If you’re a M.D. and patients refuse to [fill in the blank], it will drive you crazy.
  • If you’re a lawyer and clients refuse to [fill in the blank], it will make your eyes roll hard.
  • If you’re a chef and your patrons miss [fill in the blank], it will get your underpants in a bunch.
  • If you’re a financial wealth planner and your clients [fill in the blank], you will be annoyed.

And . . . 

If you’re a landscape designer and your clients [fill in the blank], you feel compelled to draft a list of 20 pet peeves.

Yup – that’s what we’ve got here. Our list of pet peeves, spear-headed by Craig J-S.

Honesty is one of our hallmarks as a company. Our job is not to lie to you or tiptoe around the best solutions/practices. Our job is let you know what high standards are in landscape design, install, maintenance, and why they’re important.

Before anyone postures into the defensive zone, here’s another way to think about this. Think about the kind of landscape design in Architectural Digest magazine. That’s the goal and that’s why these pet peeves are getting shared. There are amazing alternatives to the list and, P.S., we’re the company that can help you get them. Contact us.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for . . . our top 20 landscaping pet peeves:

  1. MULCH volcanoes
  2. Weed FABRIC
  3. Mixing CONCRETE pavers with real stone pavers 
  4. PLASTIC paver restraints 
  5. Plastic bed EDGING
  6. The “landscaper special” sheared PRUNING
  7. Mirror GAZING balls 
  8. Colored or white stone MULCH
  9. RED Salvia with Yellow Marigolds
  10. Bradford PEAR trees
  11. Any company that offers “Free ESTIMATES”
  12. People “watering” their LAWN with a hose
  13. A perfectly weed free LAWN
  14. People who are afraid of using plants that attract BEES
  15. Vinyl FENCING
  16. YARD “art” 
  17. Using old tires as PLANTERS
  18. Stamped CONCRETE
  19. Cheap SOLAR path lights
  20. “Natural” WATER features in an urban landscape


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